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Excelsior,Intelligent Manufacturing

Gospower manufacturing center is located in Xixiang, Bao'an, Shenzhen, covers an area of 18000 square meters, we get more than 700 well-trained workers on the production lines. A factory with whole process, scale, automatization, intellectualization is established here. The whole process of production including SMT, DIP, assembling, testing, burning-in, packing are all finished in the factory. The mass production capacity of PoE power supply reaches 1.6 million pieces per month and 0.6 million pieces per month for open frame power supply.

Intelligent Burn-in System 

· MES system is connected to burn-in equipment, it may monitor and track on the product burning-in information in real time;
· The power comsumed when burning-in may feed back to power grid, the recovery rate of electrical energy achieves more than 70%;
· Theburning-intemperature is controllable, it can be controlled and regulated at the constant temperature of 40±5℃ in real time, with auto alarm and protective function. 

MES+WMS System

Weentirelyimport MES (manufacturing execution system)  to control the whole process frommaterial batch management, manufacturing process management, quality tracking management, delivery schedule management and etc in real time, the factory resource are optimized by advanced modes of production management such as lean manufacturing and digital management, the system boosts enterprise to increase the transparency and efficiency of production with the help of a forward-looking information intelligence platform to achieve intelligent manufacturing, step forward to industrial 4.0 era.


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